March 24, 2023

Harian Bhirawa

The Power Advertising

Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques and strategies for increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to websites via search engines. SEO is done by improving the elements on the website and optimizing the keywords used to increase page ranking in search engine results such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Techniques and strategies used in SEO include keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, development of high-quality content and performance analysis. Keyword research is conducted to find the most relevant keywords searched by the target audience, and then used in on-page optimization and content development. On-page optimization is the process of improving on-page elements of a website, such as page titles, descriptions, and URL structure, to make them easier for search engines to understand.

Off-page optimization involves trying to build website authority through backlinks from other high-quality websites, as well as trying to increase social engagement and feedback from users.

Developing high-quality content is an important part of SEO, because good content can increase a website’s ranking in search results and attract more visitors to the website. Performance analysis is used to monitor and measure the effectiveness of SEO campaigns, and to make necessary changes to improve results.

SEO can help businesses increase the visibility of their website and attract more organic traffic from search engines, which in turn can increase brand awareness, sales and profits.

Search engine optimization is not as difficult as many people make it out to be. It seems mysterious, but let me reveal how this simple thing can be done without a line of code, without breaking any laws and still drive tons of extra traffic to your website.

Basically, search engine optimization is about achieving higher rankings. But that’s the point. It’s the bottom line of what you do that really gets you those reviews. SEO training is almost invisible in Singapore, but I often do it personally for my clients.

There are basically 5 things you need to do to get better search engine rankings, even if you are a complete beginner. I call it the 5 pillars of search engine optimization.

1. Lots of backlinks

Build as many links back to your site as possible. How? You can use submission software that posts to multiple sites at the same time. I prefer to use something a little more reputable and I don’t spam, especially blogs. Backlinks can come easily, but you have to do it right to prevent backlinks. The easiest way to do this is to compile a list of places to post. I have a directory listing of ping servers which. That should make it easier for you to get started. The rest has to be googled as “submit your url” or “submit your article”. The more backlinks, the better.

2. Frequency

Even if you are building backlinks, you need to have a regular frequency. Every day if possible, if not every day. You must be consistent in your efforts to build backlinks. Well, this might be a hassle, but it probably won’t take you more than an hour a day to maintain it. You don’t have to write any articles at all. All you need is a robot working for you 24/7. I have some recommendations that I have published on my blog at and you can see how easy the SEO elements in Singapore are for me to implement compared to experts with years of experience.

3. Multiple Hosting Accounts

I recommend this because search engines look for IP addresses. With multiple hosting accounts, you’ll get better inbound links from your own site. If you’re smart, you’ll start making a lot of these to increase your own link popularity from other websites.

4. Important websites

If you haven’t already, SEO Elite Brad Callen has a great way to better optimize high PageRank links. PageRank is Google’s way of tracking how important you are. For SEO purposes, a PR of 2 or 3 is sufficient for your needs. Get backlinks from these sites.

5. Page Structure

Your onpage structure is very important. When a search engine visits you, it doesn’t stay online for an hour. It’s done in seconds, so you really need to see how far you can get with it. Make sure you have the right meta titles, use H1 and H2 tags effectively, and of course, anchor text to your site. Make sure you have a link to your webpage on the first index page of your website. I strongly encourage you to use a blog for such endeavors as most of it is already optimized for you. Remember – you always optimize for keywords, so they MUST appear on your pages for search engines to find you.

Here are three things you must do.

First, make a regular effort to build backlinks (not reciprocal links) to other websites. Leave real comments on blogs, post in classified directories, submit your articles to different websites, whatever it takes. Do this as often as possible.

Second, make sure you have solid content. People will want to link to you because your content is great. So I suggest you write it yourself or get someone to create it for you on one of the freelance websites like

Third, maintain consistency in what you do. 1 day for 100 days is very different from 100 posts a day on your site. Note that search engines treat the latter as spamdexing.

SEO doesn’t take long but requires some patience. The SEO market in Singapore, for example, is pretty easy to master. But that’s because you have specific keywords that you optimize for with little competition. In other markets it is not like Singapore SEO market as you have very competitive phrases and it may take longer. Whatever the case